Chaba the Baby Elephant Takes Her Very First Bath

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Chaba the baby elephant has just taken her first bath. She was only a 4 month old calf. This was a very big step for the elephant. It was a great memory to cherish since this was Chaba’s first bath. Furthermore, Chaba is an elephant calf at the Save Elephant Foundation. Thus, the Foundation rescues elephants living under harsh conditions.

Chaba plays with basketball
(Image Source: Facebook/Save Elephant Foundation)

Chaba’s mother belonged to an elephant circus in Chang Mai, Thailand. BunMa was her mother’s name. She led a harsh life at the circus. She had to ride a bike, paint and do many other circus tricks. Moreover, she had to do this on a daily basis. The poor mother could have never caught a break. Circus animals have gone through a lot. Therefore, such animals go through a lot.

Chaba with other elephants
(Image Source: Facebook/Save Elephant Foundation)

Ry Emmerson says that his team rescued the baby elephant and her mom. They acted immediately after confirming their hardship. Furthermore, he states his team found them in terrible conditions. They were placed in a small concrete pen. Moreover, any nutrition was denied to them. BunMa was also on a short chain. Ry Emmerson is the projects director at Save Elephant Foundation. The Dodo reports this

Chaba takes her very first bath.
(Image Source: Facebook/Save Elephant Foundation)

The Foundation negotiated elephant family’s release. The negotiations succeeded. Thus, the Foundation rescued the family. Afterwards, they walked to the sanctuary. A truck was meant to take them to their new home. However, BunMa feared separation from her baby. Therefore, that was not an option. It took a long two hours for everyone to reach their destination.

(Image Source: Facebook/Save Elephant Foundation)

An elephant cake was given to Chaba and BunMa. Therefore, they received an amazing welcome by the Foundation. The elephant baby received her bath right after the welcome. Emmerson describes Chaba as a “true water baby.” The calf ran back to her mom after her first bath.

The elephant family are now in great health. They enjoy socializing with other elephants in the Foundation’s care. They now enjoy a life of freedom which was denied to them in the past.