Beloved Orphaned Mountain Gorilla Passes Away after Battle with Illness

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Ndakasi, the orphaned mountain gorilla passed away. She was laid to rest after her battle with illness. This was a prolonged illness. As a result, her condition had rapidly fallen. She passed away at the age of 14. Moreover, she passed away on 26th September 2021. She went viral in a photo where she posed with anti-poaching rangers. The photo was shared and liked many times online.

Orphaned Gorilla passes away.
(Image Source: Instagram/Virunga National Park)

Ndakasi passed on in the arms of her beloved caretaker. Andre Bauma was her caretaker. Additionally, Andre also protected her. This owed to his background as a park ranger. Park rangers protect animals from evil poachers. Therefore, he served Ndakasi well.

Virunga National Park shared a heartbreaking photo. The picture showed Andre and Ndakasi saying goodbye to each other. Thus, this was their final farewell. The caption of the photo announced the gorilla’s passing. The tragic look of sadness ran strong with the photograph. Final goodbyes are always the heaviest.

Orphaned gorilla goes viral.
(Image Source: Instagram/Virunga National Park)

Ndakasi lived in Virunga National Park alongside the other primates. Furthermore, the National Park is in Congo. The popular gorilla was an inspiration for everybody. Therefore, she served as a beacon of hope for her fellow species. She may have even inspired human beings as well.

The orphaned gorilla arrived at the National Park at the age of two. The park rangers had rescued her back then. Sadly, poachers had taken her mom from her. Life was especially tough for poor Ndakasi. Yet, she kept braving the odds.

Orphaned Gorilla plays.
(Image Source: Instagram/Virunga National Park)

Poachers illegally hunt animals. Therefore, they are criminals worth being frowned upon. Poaching is a very real problem in Africa. Thus, the Virunga National Park vows to protect wildlife. Therefore, it employs 600 park rangers. These brave ranger place their lives on the line to protect the animals. They undergo rigorous training. This is necessary for them to do their job. It is a tough job but somebody has to do it!

We offer our deepest condolences to the Virunga National Park and all those saddened by this tragic news.