Rare Irrawaddy Dolphins Found in Indonesia, a First Since 2012

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Irrawaddy dolphins have been spotted in Indonesia. This is a first sighting in a long time. Their last sighting was in 2012. The dolphins were spotted in West Kalimantan. It was a part of the Indonesian Borneo. The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) of Indonesia found the rare dolphins. Likewise, this had occurred in the Indonesian sea.

(Image Source: Facebook/Anupam Koley)

Albertus Tjiu states that these dolphins never dwell in Indonesian waters. Tjiu says the discovery has excited him. Therefore, it allows him to further study them. Hopefully, the study will reveal more information about the Irrawaddy dolphins.

The marine biology team will learn more about their population in the area. Albertus Tjiu is a conservation biologist at WWF Indonesia. Moreover, he is one of his team’s leading scientists.

On the other hand, the WWF team had also run into humpback dolphins. However, this finding is important as well. It points to the biodiversity of Indonesian waters. Furthermore, the purpose of the study is to raise awareness for dolphins. The study aims to protect their natural habitat. This is in the Heart of Borneo. Kingdoms TV reports this.

(Image Source: Shutterstock/Jodphoto)

Irrawaddy dolphins resemble baby beluga whales. However, they are not closely related. There also another difference. Irrawaddy dolphins have dorsal fins. They have rather expressive faces. This is because of their moveable lips. Moreover, the creases in their neck allow them to move their head in all directions.

The dolphin is not a picky eater. They will consume almost any kind of smaller fish. They will also eat squid and octopi as well. Therefore, they seem to be carnivores. The dolphins will also scoop up some food on the ocean floor. Whale & Dolphin Conservation USA states this.

(Image Source: Wikimedia)

The Irrawaddy dolphin live in a variety of habitats. These include freshwater tropical and coastal marine habitats. Its numbers are distributed in many places. Southeast Asia, Bay of Bengal and Indonesia are prime examples. The IUCN lists the dolphin as endangered.

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