Cute Little Wolf Pup’s Very First Howl Caught on Camera

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This adorable little wolf pup is practicing its very first howl. A trail camera caught the adorable pup in the act. The Voyageurs Wolf Project set the camera up. It is a study effort by the University of Minnesota. The study project aims to study wolfs in its specific vicinity. This is Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota.

(Image Source: YouTube/Voyageurs Wolf Project)

The wolf caught on camera is roughly 4 weeks old. The wolf is male. Wolves are usually depicted as howling at the moon. On the other hand, wolves have nothing to do with the moon. Howling is very important for communication. Therefore, wolves can howl for many reasons. Furthermore, wolves even have a howling chorus with their pack. This is a bonding activity with the pack. Thus, it strengthens their bond together.

Wolves and dogs are common ancestors. However, wolves and dogs are separate species. Moreover, they also have multiple subspecies. There is one key difference between wolves and dogs. Wolves are wild in contrast to dogs. Regular dogs can be kept as pets. On the other hand, wolves are challenging to tame. National Geographic states this.

(Image Source: YouTube/Voyageurs Wolf Project)

The Voyageurs Wolf Project seeks to document the day-to-day lives of wolves. This is in order to help them understand the canines better. They have picked up a variety of events. These range from adorable ones to completely bizarre ones. Such as a wolf feasting on blueberries. The Huffpost claims this.

The Project even fitted a wolf with a camera. Of course, this was not a GoPro. Instead, a small camera was fitted to the wolf’s collar. The camera helped them capture the everyday activities of wolves.

(Image Source: YouTube/Voyageurs Wolf Project)

Wolves normally hunt in packs. However, lone wolves are a thing too. As the name suggests, lone wolves live alone. They are usually outcasts from their packs. They can also be the sole survivors of their packs. In other words, they can be the last one standing.

We hope this cute little puppy goes on to be the leader of his own pack. His howling practice will come in handy one day!

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