This Adorable Cat Loves To Smile For The Camera!

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Pixel is an adorable cat who loves to smile for the camera! Pixel is a born smiling cat. Even his owner noticed he is much happier than other cats. The cat always wears his smile. Pixel sure loves his photo shoots. The camera lens and the cat’s smile are the perfect combo! Alyson Kalhagen is Pixel’s owner.

Adorable cat poses for the camera.
(Image Source: Instagram/Pixel & Sophie)

Pixel seems rather aware of the camera. He smiles whenever Alyson takes a picture. Additionally, the adorable cat loves to make weird faces as well. The owner has taken note of this. At first, she wanted to capture elegant, ‘fancy’ pictures of him. However, she started to share Pixel’s silly photos instead.

Adorable cat Pixel.
(Image Source: Instagram/Pixel & Sophie)

Everyone adored the cat’s expressions. As a result, he soon became viral. The smile soon became Pixel’s trademark. This gained him followers from around the world. The cat has posed in a variety of outfits for this photo shoots. Pixel has celebrity status! The Dodo confirms these facts.

Alyson states her followers have a variety of reactions to Pixel. Some say he is cute whereas others bluntly state he is ugly. Many also say he looks like a bat. Obviously, the sharp fangs along with the floppy ears give it away. However, reactions to the cat are generally positive but there are some negative reactions as well. Like even went as far as claiming he is possessed.

Adorable cat with sunglasses.
(Image Source: Instagram/Pixel & Sophie)

Pixel’s owner hints his favorite food is chicken. Cats are omnivores, but they choose to eat meat. Therefore, Pixel’s preference is unsurprising. What can we say? Cats love meat whether it’s plain old chicken or tuna.

Adorable Pixel.
(Image Source: Instagram/Pixel & Sophie)

Pixel has his very own Instagram profile. After all, he is a celebrity animal. Pixel shares his profile with Sophie. Sophie is another cat. She is the perfect counterpart for Pixel. As of now, the cat has almost 50,000 followers. That is one amazing accomplishment! Hopefully, Pixel and Sophie will hit 100,000+ followers soon.