Adorable Red Panda Cubs Fill the Zoo with Cuteness

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Sweet red panda cubs have been delivered. This is at the Potter Park Zoo. The cute pandas are the size of kittens. They are extremely adorable. In fact, they can easily fit in one’s hand! This is truly a moment of celebration for the Potter Park Zoo. Breeding pandas is no small feat. Therefore, it requires a lot of care with only the best breeders.

Potter Park Zoo red panda cuteness
(Image Source: Facebook/Potter Park Zoo)

Maliha is the mother of the panda cubs. Moreover, she is only 7 years old. This is Maliha’s second litter of cubs. As a result, she is already an experienced mother. The pandas appear to be in good health. They do not have names. The zoo staff is working hard to maintain their health.

The first two months of their life are crucial. In fact, their mother will care for them. The red panda cubs require plenty of nutrients to stay healthy. They also require a lot of warmth as well. Mama bear also works hard to protect her young. However, the zoo staff will still keep a watchful eye on the red panda cubs. Thus, they will make sure everything is going according to plan. Daily Paws reports this.

Red panda cuteness.
(Image Source: Facebook/Potter Park Zoo)

The panda cubs are weighed on a regular basis. This is necessary to ensure their good health. They also have to be weighed on time. This is to make sure they are growing properly. More exams are underway for the cubs. This is important so there are no injuries or abnormalities. The Peter Sculli states this. He is Potter Park Zoo’s communications specialist.  However, the exams have to be short. This is so that the cubs are not separated from their mother for too long.

cute red pandas at potter park zoo.
(Image Source: Facebook/Potter Park Zoo)

Red pandas are so rare. Only 220 red pandas exist all over the USA. This is the collective figure that combines many zoos and reserves. Smithsonian’s National Zoo states this figure. Therefore, it is important to breed them. This is necessary to preserve their numbers. We congratulate the Potter Park Zoo for the birth of the panda.

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