Elderly Lion Couple Bids Farewell To The World Together

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With a sad heart last Thursday The Los Angeles Zoo announced the dismissal of their elderly lion couple. These two were true examples of soulmates. A pair that could not have lived without each other.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Los Angeles Zoo)

21-year-old Hubert and Kalisa’s health was deteriorating because of age-related illnesses. This was impacting their quality of life.

Seeing this the zoo had to come up with a decision. In order to save the other from facing the loss of its mate, the zoo decided to end their misery together. So they may live together eternally in the heavens.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Los Angeles Zoo)

Hubert was born in Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago whereas Kalisa came from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Six years ago this compassionate couple came to the zoo.

Ever since the time of their arrival they made everyone fall in love with them. Just their presence filled the entire place with love and positivity. Both of them became a source of happiness for the entire staff.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Los Angeles Zoo)

According to the director of the zoo, it was very rare not to see Kalisa near Hubert as they always stick together. Their love and bond were exceptional and saying goodbye to them is heart-wrenching.

It is heartbreaking that both of them are no longer with us. The only thing that is calming is that they left together and they will remain in everyone’s heart forever.

Lions have an average life expectancy of 17 years. This couple outlived their time.

They first met in 2014 at the Woodland Park Zoo. Ever since then they have been inseparable. Their cuddles and nuzzles showed the power of their love.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Los Angeles Zoo)

This decision was the most difficult but it was the best for both of them. Living without the other would have been torture for them.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Los Angeles Zoo)

We hope that both are together and happy and will live eternally!

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