This Iguana Interrupts A Yogi’s Beach Workout in the Bahamas

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A yoga instructor who goes by the Twitter username @bahamahoopyogi had her workout curbed. An iguana nearby took an interest in the yogi’s workout. This prompted it to bite her finger. We don’t know what probably caused the iguana to bite the yogi. Perhaps, it found her movements to be rather weird.

Iguanas interrupt yoga session.
(Image Source: Twitter/bahamahoopyogi)

Mykah Smith was the yoga expert’s real name. She was on a trip in Exuma Islands which is in the Bahamas. This event took place on 20th August 2021. Mykah decided to shoot a video of her latest workout. Surprisingly, an iguana snuck up to her at bit her. This happened after she had struck a few yoga poses. Yahoo Life states these events.

Iguanas interrupt beach workout.
(Image Source: Twitter/bahamahoopyogi)

Likewise, the bite startled Smith. She threw the iguana off swiftly after hurling a flurry of insults. Luckily, nothing severe happened besides a little bite wound. Afterwards, she washed the blood away with the ocean water. Furthermore, her doctor reported that she has recovered from her injury.

One should always consult a doctor in the event of an animal bite. This is especially so in the event of a wild animal/insect. The bacteria in their mouths can infect wounds. This can make things far worse if the bite is not treated in time. The Pet Enthusiast states an iguana bit is neither poisonous nor is it venomous. On the other hand, it can do “serious damage.”

Iguana interrupts beach workout
(Image Source: Twitter/bahamahoopyogi)

Moreover, the video was posted on social media. It soon became viral. The humorous content of the video was likely behind its viral status. Currently, the video has 3.5 million views with countless comments. Of course, these numbers are likely to grow. The Mirror reports these figures.

Yoga instructor throws sand.
(Image Source: Twitter/bahamahoopyogi)

The yoga teacher was well aware of the presence of iguanas. She stated there were lots of them on the beach. Not many people see them as a threat. Therefore, many people take time to feed them. One person on social media commented that they lived on the island for 10 years. This was the first time they saw an iguana jump up to bite someone.

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