Sedgwick County Zoo Said Goodbye To Its Oldest Chimpanzee

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It’s always hard to say goodbye to your beloved ones. The Sedgwick county zoo said goodbye to their oldest chimpanzee. This is a moment of sorrow at the zoo not only for the chimps but also for the entire staff.

(Image Source: Facebook/Sedgwick County Zoo)

Audra was a 51-year-old chimp. She arrived at the zoo in 1972. She was the first chimp ever to call this zoo her home. According to the zoo, she always had a maternal side as she gave birth to seven offspring. Mwana is the first ape to be born at the zoo in 1984.

Her keepers also said that although she was sweet she still had her attitude. She was a spunky little lady. As the years past she became everyone’s favorite especially former Veterinarian Dr. Bryant. The two of them shared a special bond. Additionally, her keepers adored her from the core of their hearts.

Indeed she was a special chimpanzee. The time she came to the zoo after her Marbles and Harriet joined her and later Gomez and Holly joined the clan. It was one big happy family.

She loved to spend her quality day with her family and friends especially with her children Mwana who is 36 years old, Sukari who is 24-year-old and Mabusu 10 years old. These children of her were with her in the zoo.

There was a rapid decline was recently in her health. Even though she was going through advanced heart disease she was full of life and she knew well how to keep her family united.

The zoo’s team tried their best to save her. As the prognosis of her disease was weak the zoo took a decision. This decision was to euthanize Audra in order to lessen her suffering and make things easy for her. This was the most difficult decision they ever had to make.

Audra will always be remembered for her lovely nature. Her family, friends, and the zoo staff will always cherish her memory and she will always live in their hearts.

We hope that she is now peaceful!

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