Giant Tortoise at Vienna Zoo Passes Away at the Age of 130

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The oldest resident at the Schönbrunn Zoo has passed away at the age of 130. This zoo is in Vienna, Austria. It was a giant tortoise who was one of the oldest species living in the world. Schurli was the giant tortoise’s name. The reptile had lived for 68 years at the zoo. Schurli moved in since 1953. Everyone had mourned Schurli’s loss. Moreover, he had seen many people come and go over his long, gifted life.

Giant Tortoise
(Image Source: Schönbrunn Zoo)

Maximilian Schon is a zookeeper at Schönbrunn Zoo who looked after Schurli. He said that the tortoise had a strong character. He was adorable as well as stubborn. He enjoyed receiving head pats. Furthermore, the zoo said Schurli had fallen very ill. Thus, the zoo staff closely looked after him in his final days.

The zoo had thanked everyone for their care given to the late tortoise. He was affectionately named “old man”. This is obviously due to his old age. The staff remembered the turtle by recalling how he would spend his days. Schurli would spend his time cooling off under the sprinkler.

(Image Source: Schönbrunn Zoo)

He lived off an herbivore diet like the rest of his species. Dry leaves and cucumbers were fed to the giant tortoise by the zoo. WCNC had reported this.

Anton Weisenbacher says that Schurli was known by visitors “almost forever.” In fact, he was so old that nobody really knew his age. Anton is another zookeeper at the zoo. Schurli lived with two other species of his kind. Menschik and Madi were his companions. Menschik is male whereas Madi is female. The giant tortoise is one of the most ancient animals in the world. In addition, they can cross 100 in terms of age.

(Image Source: Schönbrunn Zoo)

Menschik is now the oldest animal at the zoo. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Schönbrunn Zoo in these harsh times. We send out our support to those affected by this tragic turn of events.