Georgia Aquarium Bids Farewell To Its Female Whale shark

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With a heavy heart, the Georgia Aquarium announced the passing of its female whale shark. Goodbyes are without a doubt the hardest.

(Image source: Facebook/ Georgia Aquarium)

Alice, the whale shark was rescued from Taiwan and brought to the aquarium in 2006. Ever since then, the team of the aquarium has worked day and night with her. She was a staff favorite who spent 15 years at the Aquarium.

Her attachment with her keeper was unconditional. They share a very unique bond. Alice was one of the last four whale sharks which the aquarium acquired.

The team assigned to Alice noticed a change in her behavior and blood flow. Despite the rigorous efforts, the condition did not get any better. In order to make things easy for her, the only humane thing left to do was to euthanize her. This is the most difficult decision.

She was not just important for the team but also for the species as well. As she was the ambassador of Larger Than Life. She represented whales globally, making her equally important for everyone. Her loss has left a hollow space in everyone’s heart.

The aquarium announced the dismissal on their social media.

Other than her there were two more male whale sharks at the aquarium named Ralph and Norton. Both of these passed away in 2007.

The whale shark is the biggest fish in the ocean. They can weigh around 10 tons and grow about 61 feet long. It this not easy to spot them. Having spotted them is a sign of luck. They travel long distances in search of food as they require a huge amount to sustain their body.

There is a decline in their population.

We hope Alice is in a better place now and is happy!

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