North Carolina Zoo Celebrates Flamingo Day Marking Its Importance

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23rd June is a beautiful day which is dedicated to pink-colored flamingos. The celebrations of this day are to mark the importance of these birds in the wild and the zoo’s all around the US. The North Carolina Zoo came forward to celebrate this day.

Flamingo Day
(Image Source: Facebook/ North Carolina Zoo)

The NC Zoo understands the importance of these birds. Known for their distinctive color these birds simply add the element of beauty to any zoo.

It is not just the NC Zoo that celebrates this day but it is an important event on a national level as well. Their pink color is just gorgeous. There are no words that can do justice to this beauty.

However National pink Flamingo day was declared in 2007 by Dean Mazzaralla, mayor of Leominster. In order to honor Don Featherstone. Who is the creator of plastic lawn flamingos.

Furthermore, these lawn ornaments have become a pop culture that has been gracing and enhancing the beauty of our lawns.

This species is famous for its looks. Their stick-like legs, s-shaped neck, and their popping pink color are just fascinating. In spite of the fact that their legs are thin, they are very strong and their webbed feet play an important role in helping them to walk.

Flamingos lay one egg which they incubate for 30 days. After providing enough heat to the egg for 30 dedicated days the egg hatches. Following this, the newborns are born and are white with soft and downy feathers and a straight beak. The beak turns downwards as they mature age-wise.

Most species of flamingos do not come under the category of vulnerable. On the other hand, a few like the Andean come under the vulnerable category. Whereas Chilean, Lesser, and Puna flamingo come under near threatened.

The soft pink-colored birds are world-famous and people simply adore them. Their beauty is just magnificent and one cannot get enough of them.

Last but not least don’t forget to put up a pink flamingo in your garden this summer! and mark Flamingo Day on your calendars for next year.

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