White Rhinoceros Arrives At Tobu Zoo To Help Multiply The Species

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A white rhinoceros has arrived at a Japanese zoo to help conserve the species in the country.

white rhinoceros
(Image Source: Facebook/Tobu Zoo)

So, the efforts consist of an important milestone in animal diplomacy for the zoo between Taiwan and Japan.

Jerome Le, the chairman of the Leofoo Development Company, believes that the two animals have attracted attention in not only Taiwan and Japan but others as well. There are many who want to be a part of the conservation efforts of endangered species.

(Image Source: Facebook/Tobu Zoo)

Lai goes on to say, “We hope this is only the beginning.”

Tobu zoo has also brought eight rhinos from Africa back in 1979. As a result, the number of the animals at the zoo has reached 23.

The agreement was drawn between Leofoo Development and Tobu Railway co. It was agreed on 22nd September 2020. Its aim was to help the reproduction of the white rhinos.

The Taiwanese company had initially planned to make the transfer in March 2021. However, due to the coronavirus situation there was a delay.

(Image Source: Facebook/Tobu Zoo)

Emma, the female southern white rhino, arrived after months of waiting. Tuesday, 8th of June marked the day of her official arrival. The process took 16 hours including a 4 hour flight and four hours of land travel.

Tobu Zoo and Amusement Park made sure that Emma felt comfortable with the transfer. The rhinoceros would need to first become used to the environment of Japan. Additionally, she understands certain Japanese commands. These include “come”, “no” and entering a transportation crate.

(Image Source: Facebook/Tobu Zoo)

According to the zoo, Emma has been very calm during the whole process. Thus, they believe that she will be ready to go on display soon.

The zoo is now home to 120 species. Their efforts to protect the white rhinoceros have been very effective till date. Hopefully, Emma will adapt well and enjoy her time at her new home.

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