Marwell Zoo Welcomes Little Przewalski’s Horse Foal To The World

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Marwell Zoo welcomes a tiny foal to this world. The foal is not any ordinary horse. It is a przewalski’s horse foal. This type is highly endangered among horses. It is an honor for the zoo to announce the birth of such a precious species.

przewalski's horse
(Image Source: Marwell Zoo)

The foal was born in the darkness of the night. It belongs to mother Tsetseg. Both of them are doing amazingly well. Currently, the gender of this Przewalski horse foal is unknown.

The zoo staff and administration are so happy about this foal’s arrival. This is not less than a miracle for them as this pregnancy was of high significance. Most importantly, the entire staff was on high alert during her gestation period. Indeed, they made sure to provide her with the best. She is one lucky lady who received all the attention to herself. She would have felt loved and cared for.

This species of horses are among the most endangered species on the IUCN red list. In the wild, these horses are extinct. As a matter of fact, only a few of the zoos took the initiative in trying to preserve this kind.

Marwell zoo is proud to be among the first ones to participate in the early introduction planning processes. This provided animals for reintroduction in China and Mongolia.

Przewalski’s horses are also known as takhi, Mongolian wild horses or Dzungarian horses. Central Asia is their native region.

(Image Source: Marwell Zoo)

These horses can live up to 20 years in captivity. Well, this is a piece of good news. They are short in height, even shorter than domestic horses. Also, they have muscular bodies. They have a pale belly and beige to reddish-brown coat which is short during summers but longer during winters.

Przewalski’s horse loves to live in large familial groups. Besides this, their females give birth to a single foal after 11 to 12 months of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, this is a special species for the entire world. Everyone is trying to help this race survive.

Last but not the least, we hope this baby turns into a beautiful adult!

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