Staff At Brevard Zoo Is Taking Care Of The Second Newborn Sloth

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Brevard Zoo took up the responsibility of caring for a baby sloth after its mother failed to look after it.

Baby Sloth
(Image Source: Facebook/Brevard Zoo)

On the 12th of May, the second sloth was born at the Zoo. After observing the new mother and her baby, the staff identified that the mother was not caring well for her child. Hence, the animal care staff started giving the new addition special attention.

Subsequently, the staff is feeding it goat milk with a bottle every three hours. In order to make the baby feel more protected, the staff gave it a number of stuffed animals to hold. This is because he is not able to cling to his mother which is normally what young sloths do. The baby sloth hasn’t been named yet.

Moreover, the zoo is still waiting on the results of the laboratory tests to identify the sex of the baby sloth.

Tango, the mother, did not show affection towards the little one.

The first birth at the zoo took place in April to Sammy. She is doing a great job looking after her little one.

Brevard Zoo
(Image Source: Facebook/Brevard Zoo)

‘Rainforest Revealed’ exhibit is open for guests to visit and see the sloths.

Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths are the slowest mammals in the world. The sloths, also known as Unau, are light-weight animals. This helps them in collecting leaves from thin branches.

The species is present throughout Central America and Northern South America and some areas in Brazil and Peru. They live in high-up canopies of tropical rain forests.

Furthermore, they are solitary beings. However, the females often feed their babies together. The animals can sleep up to 15 to 20 hours per day. Mostly, they wake up at night to eat. Majority of their time is spent hanging upside down in trees.

(Image Source: Facebook/Brevard Zoo)

Unaus are normally silent. In spite of that when threatened, they make hissing sounds. Additionally, they camouflage to hide from predators. Moreover, their large claws and teeth also provide them with sufficient self-defense tools.

This spring has been a busy one for Brevard Zoo’s sloths.

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