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Zoo Gdańsk Celebrates The Birth Of A Sable-Horned Antelope


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The Zoo Gdańsk is exhilarated with the birth of a unique species. It is a sable-horned antelope who is born at the zoo. This new toddler is bouncing in its enclosure.

(Image Source: Zoo Gdańsk)

May 16th, 2021 marks the day of success for the zoo as the first-ever offspring of this kind is born on their premises. Every birth in the zoo is the result of their specialized breeding process. The zoo’s impressive arrangements and facilities for the animals play a vital role in their reproduction.

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The baby boy is born to a mother who is six years old, and a father who is five years old. His mother is brought to the zoo from France while his father came from Czech Republic.

(Image Source: Zoo Gdańsk)

The calf won’t be easy to spot till 10 to 15 days as he hides from everyone. But the staff is ensuring the health of the mother and the calf. Experts of the team examine them on regular basis.

For now, the new toddler has sandy colored hair. This color helps them in the wild as it camouflages them from predators. However, their color changes to dark brown as they grow up.

(Image Source: Zoo Gdańsk)

The beautiful savannahs of South Africa are home to Shablorogy antelopes. During the rainy season, they move to woodlands to find shelter from the rain. Whereas during the dry season, they tend to move towards the savannahs in search of food. They are the cuties of the capes.

The Gdañsk zoo is on approximately 125 acres of land. Thus, this picture-perfect zoo is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The zoo itself is a place of entertainment on its own. Different species make the zoo more attractive. It’s a place not only for kids but also for adults.

(Image Source: Zoo Gdańsk)

Last but not the least, the adorable toddler is waiting for your visit!

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