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The Lilac-Breasted Roller Will Surely Leave You Mesmerized


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The national bird of Kenya and Botswana is a lilac-breasted roller and it surely is for a good reason. Their feathers comprise a beautiful mix of dull and vibrant colors.

lilac-breasted roller
(Image Source: artushfoto)

Lilac-breasted rollers can be easily spotted due to their bright colors. The species is native to Africa. The males and females do not differ a great deal, thus, it is difficult to differentiate between the two. They both have a white face and a dark line elongating to both sides of their eye.

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(Image Source: artushfoto)

The birds are often rather quiet, and calm. However, they are vocal in the mating season. Especially if they feel their territory is under threat. Their calls are harsh and loud and once they start, they are likely to do so continuously. It has been compared to steam trains.

Furthermore, the birds do not migrate much but they move around when looking for food. Their group normally consists of three members. Meanwhile, in the winters a number of small families are likely to fly together.

(Image Source: artushfoto)

Rollers are carnivores and feed on a variety of prey which includes lizards, spiders, Scorpios, centipedes, snails, insects, amphibians, and small birds. Similarly, they have a unique technique for hunting. They are fearless, unlike other birds. While hunting, they at times distract their prey with their wings.

Moreover, they have 8 colors in total. These include lilac, green, yellow, black, white, dark blue, turquoise, and reddish brown.

(Image Source: artushfoto)

Rollers wingspan ranges from 50 to 58cm. As for their length, they can go up to 9 cm (3.5 inches).

They are monogamous creatures, as they mate for life. In the wild, male birds either fly solo or with their pairs.

In African cultures, rollers are a part of a number of folklores. Many tribes in Africa considered them to be a symbol of peace. A sacrifice of rollers would be made by the kings at the end of wars.

(Image Source: artushfoto)

Lilac-breasted roller are stunning creatures.


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