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Stray Cat Demands Cuddles From A Police Officer


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Cat hugs and cuddles are rare, don’t you agree? Once a cat wants cuddles and love, it must get exactly that! The case stands even when you are an officer.

Stray cat and officer
(Image Source: Facebook/Policja Śląska)

That’s the tale of police officers in Poland who were working on the scene of a minor traffic accident. The car door was open as one of the officers was sitting inside. An incident report was being written when things took an adorable turn. A friendly stray hopped right into the car and insisted attention from the officer.

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The cat was unbothered by the paperwork, all she was looking for was some loving. No one could have predicted such an incident. Its not often that cats warm up to strangers.

Stray Cat
(Image Source: Facebook/Policja Śląska)

Salska Police wrote about the incident, “The cat tried to prevent a policeman from handling a collision,” They add, “The animal didn’t have a collar, but is very social and is hugging people.”

Furthermore, upon identifying that the loving cat was a stray, they decided to take her in. How could they have not? The good girl got the officer under her spell.

Police Car
(Image Source: Facebook/Policja Śląska)

To ensure that the cat already does not have an owner, the local rescue organization has shared the cat’s information. So, in case someone owns the cat, they can step up. However, currently, she is living with the human of her choice.

This incident surfaced on the internet as the video made rounds.

Stray Cat
(Image Source: Facebook/Fundacja “Koty z Kociej”)

The cat was clearly in need of some loving and attention. Which only substantiates to the fact that animals need all the love they can get.

We will surely keep an eye out for a stray who needs some cuddles now.  

(Image Source: Facebook/Policja Śląska)

The stray cat has taught us a lesson as well. It is when you see an opportunity, the smarter thing to do would be to seize it.

What a puuur-fect end to an adorable story!


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