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World’s Fastest Primates Give Birth At The Zoo Olomouc


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It’s a moment to celebrate as the world’s fastest primate is given birth to at the Zoo Olomouc. The zoo announced the birth with a great amount of joy on the 21st of May, 2021. It is a piece of delightful news for the visitors and their audience.

World’s Fastest Primates
(Image Source: Facebook/ Zoo Olomouc)

This little Patas Monkey is born on the 5th of May, 2021. All females in the group are making sure to take care of it. Whereas, only Bela is responsible for breastfeeding the baby. According to the zoo, the mother and baby are in perfect condition. The delivery was absolutely normal and without any complications.  

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The staff is making sure to keep observing the duo. Also, their health is the top priority. One can see the little one clinging on to its elders in the primate’s enclosure.

World’s Fastest Primates
(Image Source: Facebook/ Zoo Olomouc)

The zoo used to breed this type in the early 1970s. But since 2003, they have started to increase the number. With the addition of this latest one, the number of this species is increased to 19. This is truly amazing. Thus, the group comprises of one breeding male Lenon, four females, three adolescents aged between 1 to 3 and the latest addition. Additionally, it’s a cute family of 9.

However, the Patas monkeys can sprint from zero to 53 kilometers an hour just in three seconds. This is a shocking fact. Besides this, they are also known to reach a speed of 55 kilometers an hour. This makes them the world’s fastest primates.

zoo olomouc
(Image Source: Facebook/ Zoo Olomouc)

Indeed, males can also be related to diversion. As they distract the predators for their females and infants. The males make the predator chase them. Such a brave move! However, you can see these in the West and Central Africa. This kind is an old-world monkey.

Thus, they usually give birth during the wet season. Their pregnancy period lasts five to six months. Apart from this, they are also known as hussar, military, dancing red monkey, and guenon.

zoo olomouc
(Image Source: Facebook/ Zoo Olomouc)

Lastly, look carefully when you visit the enclosure. As the little one will be waiting for you!

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