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Toledo Zoo Is Delighted By The Birth Of Two Amur Tigers


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The Toledo Zoo has welcomed two newborn Amur tiger cubs. The zoo has thanked its staff and caretakers for a job well done. It is due to their efforts that the birth of the cubs went smoothly.

The Toledo Zoo has welcomed two new Amur tigers born at the zoo.
(Image Source: Facebook/The Toledo Zoo)

The zoo writes on Facebook that the birth of the cubs is a great benefit to the tiger population. Moreover, this is largely due to the Amur tigers being an endangered species.

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Jeff Sailer, President & CEO of the Toledo Zoo says, “I cannot wait for all of you in our community to get the chance to see these wonderful new tiger cubs. There are so few tigers left in the world that the birth of these cubs is a great benefit to the population of these endangered species”.

The Amur tiger has a lighter fur than other tigers.
(Image Source: Facebook/The Toledo Zoo)

Siberian tiger is another name for them. Furthermore, they are the largest cat in the world as stated by The Wildcat Conservation Alliance. Moreover, they are the largest tiger subspecies. Unlike the others, the fur coat of this subspecies’ tiger is lighter than most of its species. The light orange colored coat turns even lighter in the winters. Moreover, then their coat gets thicker and longer. This helps them in surviving the cold climate.

As expected of a tiger, they are carnivorous predators. They aggressively hunt for their food much like many predators. Their prey of choice happens to be large animals. This includes wild boar, deer and even badgers. That’s not all, there are even cases where they have hunted and eaten wild bears! This wild cat does not joke around!  

The Amur tigers choose to make their home in forests with complex build-up. However, this is the only species which is adapted to survive in the cold. Their habitat is in Russia and China.

It is also rumoured that they may be present in North Korea. However, this might be false, given the ridiculous claims the hermit kingdom has made in the past. On the contrary, they are extinct in South Korea.

They are also known as Siberian tigers. They are the only tiger species which have adapted to the cold climate.
(Image Source: Facebook/The Toledo Zoo)

The Amur tiger is a highly endangered species. In the 1940s, their population in the wild was only 50. You read that correctly; only 50 of these big cats. In 1947, Russia banned tiger hunting and awarded them full protection after World War 2. Now, there are many conservation efforts to protect this magnificent tiger.

We hope the tiger cubs at Toledo Zoo thrive!


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