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Seven Tasmanian Devils Born In The Wild After 3,000 Years In MainLand Australia


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After a gap of 3,000 years, seven Tasmanian devils were born in the wild.

Seven Tasmanian Devils
(Image Source: Facebook/ Aussie Ark)

The success story has its roots in 2020. The plan was to release 26 of the animals into the wild. Thor’s star, Chris Hemsworth, and his wife, Elsa Pataky, also aided the process by releasing 11 of them.

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Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky
(Image Source: Facebook/ Aussie Ark)

Aussie Ark partnered with Re:wild and WildArk and picked the most suitable species. Marsupials were chosen due to breeding purposes as they do not require inbreeding.

The president of Aussie Ark, Tim Faulkner says, “We have been working tirelessly for the better part of 10 years to return devils to the wild of mainland Australia with the hope that they would establish a sustainable population,”

Aussie Ark
(Image Source: Facebook/ Aussie Ark)

Tim further adds, “Once they were back in the wild, it was up to them, which was nerve-wracking. We had been watching them from afar until it was time to step in and confirm the birth of our first wild joeys. And what a moment it was!”

The IUCN Red List has termed the Tasmanian devils endangered. Thus, the step to reintroduce the species back into the wild benefits the wildlife.

Moreover, the released species are constantly being monitored. Radio collars that have transmitters help to keep them in check. They have also set up a few camera traps for tracking reasons.

Aussie Ark
(Image Source: Facebook/ Aussie Ark)

According to the Aussie Ark, they believe that 20 Tasmanian devil joeys will be born in the wild by the end of 2021. Their aim is to achieve the birth of 40 joeys in total by the next two years.

The species population has seen a fall over the past 3,000 years. The reason for this was the introduction of the dingo, a pack animal. Subsequently, they have pushed the Marsupials out of Australia’s mainland.

Aussie Ark
(Image Source: Facebook/ Aussie Ark)

These animals help control feral cats and foxes that are currently threading other the endangered species.

Therefore, the release of the animals into the wild has proven to be a step in the right direction. The birth of seven Tasmanian devils is a success story after all.


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