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Chacoan Peccaries Embraced With Open Arms At Hattiesburg Zoo


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Hattiesburg Zoo placed a red carpet in honor of its new addition. The zoo welcomed endangered chacoan Peccaries to its family. Thus, the new addition is absolutely adorable. One will fall in love with it at first sight.

(Image source: Facebook/ Pine Belt News)

The two chacoan peccaries are male. They have names, Basil and Fennel. Such adorable names they are! Both have made their debut at the zoo. People are just loving them. The zoo already had such a wide variety of animals. But these two were a cherry on the top.

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In order for conservation, the zoo is playing a vital role. They have many endangered species. Therefore, they make sure to care for them properly. Also, the zoo plans on breeding the endangered species to help in increasing their population.

(Image source: Facebook/ Pine Belt News)

This species is a pig-like mammal. It stands out from the pig as it has a grey-brown coat. Also, it has a long flexible snout. This kind is also known as “pigs from green hell”. One can find them in dry, and hot areas. They are also found in forests. Mostly, their habitats are in South America. They can weigh around 65 to 95 pounds. This kind is the largest among its species.

They love to eat plants. They get most of the water from their diet. Occasionally they also eat roots, sea pods, and flowers. They love to live in a pack. Moreover, there are 10 of these in one herd.

An amazing fact about chacoan peccaries is that they have specialized kidneys that break down cactus acid. In addition to this, their two-chambered stomach is well suited to digest tough food. The fact does not just end here. Before eating the cactus, they remove the spine by rolling them on the ground with their tough snout. Another amazing fact is that their back produces a milky odorous substance that helps them in marking their territory. And for others to identify it. These are some cool facts.

Lastly, don’t forget to pay these two a visit!

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