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Rare Goat Breed Is Born At The Miller Zoo In United States


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A rare breed goat is been given birth at the Miller Park Zoo. The baby was born on the 15th of April, 2021. Everyone at the zoo is full of excitement because of this new addition. He will surely be one heck of an attraction for the zoo visiters.

miller zoo
(Image Source: The Miller Park and Zoo)

Zoo announced the birth of this rare breed goat on their website. The staff cannot contain their excitement.

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The baby was born to mother Storm. It’s a cute little baby boy. This is Storm’s third litter in the zoo. And is absolutely adorable.

San Clemente is this breed’s name. These goats are Native to the Channel Islands off the coast of California. They are actually shorter than normal goats but slightly bigger than dwarf goat breeds. Besides this, they have red or tan black markings on their body.

Males of this breed are of an average height of 23.6 inches. Whereas, the females are of height 22.4 inches. They are lean and have graceful movements. They are famous for their gentle temperament and motherly nature.

(Image Source: The Miller Park and Zoo)

According to the zoo, they have invested a lot of their time in breeding and taking care of this species. They have aimed for a period of long-term success.  

Thus, these critically endangered goats make the children’s area in the zoo more attractive. The Millers park is the first zoo in the state of Illinois to have San Clemente. A very small ratio of zoo exhibits these goats.

Moreover, the Miller Park Zoo director Jay Tetzloff said that only 700 of these goats are left in the entire world. The zoo feels proud in showing off this special breed to children so they may know how they look like.

rare goat
(Image Source: The Miller Park and Zoo)

Moreover, the baby boy is nameless right now. Therefore, the zoo will soon reveal his name.

At the end, visit the zoo if you want to see this shining star!

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