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Elephant Calf Rescued From 30 Feet Deep Well In India


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An elephant calf in the darkness of the night fell in a 30 feet deep well. The event took place in a small Indian village. The village is known as Nimatand located in the eastern state of Jharkhand.

elephant calf
(Image Source: Twitter/ Shashikant Verma)

On the 2nd of May, 2021 this calf came out of the forest along with its herd. The villagers were able to scare away the herd. But accidentally, the calf fell in the deep well. It was so dark that nothing could have been done.

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The villagers heard cries from the well in the morning. When they came and checked, they found an elephant calf at the bottom. Therefore, the villagers alerted the local forest department. And requested them for help.

Elephant calf
(Image Source: Twitter/ Shashikant Verma)

According to CNN, the local Government officials said that the water level was not high enough, but the calf got some tendency to float on water after falling and didn’t get any injuries.

Besides this, the workers immediately started the rescue as the rescue mission began. The rescue workers used an excavator to break down a few walls of the well. Also, they made a pathway for the calf to come out.

Elephant Calf
(Image Source: Twitter/ Shashikant Verma)

The operation took approximately 8 hours. After that, the calf came out of the well. It was covered in all mud and dust.

Baby elephants are famous for their mischievous nature. They are most likely to get into trouble very easily. Additionally, they can weigh around 200 pounds and grow to 3 feet tall. These calves are not born with many survival instincts. Due to this reason, they are most likely to get into problems.

Elephant calf
(Image Source: Twitter/ Shashikant Verma)

Elephant’s trunk is famous for its mad skills. There are 150,000 muscles in it. Also, it is the most sensitive part of their body. The funny fact is that baby elephants do not know what to do with their trunks.

We are glad that the rescue team was able to save the calf. All is well that ends well!

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