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It’s A Party In The USA As A Tamandua Pup Is Born


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A tamandua pup is given birth at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Washington. The baby was born on the 23rd of April 2021. The zoo announced the happy news on their website.

Terra, a Southern tamandua, is the mother of this pup. Baby’s fatheris Gonzo. It is a healthy baby girl. This is the second pup born in the zoo. The zoo staff is all excited. The birth took place in the outdoor theatre area. At the time of birth, her eyes were closed. Also, she had a little fur on her. In addition to this, she weighed over half a pound. Hence, she could easily fit in a human’s hand.

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According to the zoo, both mother and the baby are in good health and shape. They are spending quality time with each other to bond. Although, the baby’s weight has dropped a little bit than her birth weight. The zoo’s vet is giving her supplements to help her gain weight. Also, they are waiting to see if Terra’s milk will help her baby. Even though the baby’s weight dropped but she is all bright and vigorous.

Staff is making sure to provide extra care to the duo. They are providing heating pads and adding extra straw padding in their den. This is to ensure that the den is more comfortable and relaxing for mother and daughter.

Since the time terra got pregnant, the zoo staff got more vigilant towards her. Vets have been regularly examining her. Also, they used to give her whipped cream as a bribe in order to make her stay still for the ultrasound. This is a nice treat for everyone who loves whipped cream.

(Image Source: Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium)

Normally for six months duration, pups are nursed by their mother. But as three months pass by they start to explore adult food like fruits and insects.

We hope this tinny Winnie shines bright as sun!

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