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Two Fluffy Dall Sheep Are A New Addition to Como Zoo


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Como Zoo spent April celebrating the birth of baby Dall sheep. The two fluffy lambs have brought a lot of energy to the zoo.

Dall Sheep
(Image Source: Facebook/ Como Park Zoo & Conservatory)

The first of the two Lao was born on the 1st of April. Her name in Hawaiian means “cloud supreme”. She was born to Drizzle and her father is Sylvester.

Como Zoo’s non-profit partner gave Loa her name. According to him, it is the name of a valley in Maui which he and his wife love. Furthermore, he went on to say that, “we look forward to visiting her and her family. The Dall sheep are so majestic. Thank you to the whole team for all you do.”

Additionally, Breezy came on the same day as her mother’s birthday the April 24. For the 3-year-old mother Sunny, Breezy is her 2nd lamb. The zookeepers looking after the Dall sheep named the little one.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Como Park Zoo & Conservatory)

According to a zookeeper Jill Erzar, “Breezy seems to fit her personality. She scampers around so lightly and is surprisingly very graceful for a baby not even a week old. It’s an added bonus that it fits the fun weather theme we have for names.”

These sheep are native to Alaska and Canada. The standout feature of male Dall sheep is their massive curled horns. Whereas, the female sheep carry shorter and slender horns which are only slightly curved.  

Up until the males reach the age of 3, they resemble the ewes by a great deal. Following this, their horn growth makes them stand out.   

(Image Source: Facebook/ Como Park Zoo & Conservatory)

Horn growth is more rigorous during spring, summer, and early fall days. On the contrary, in winters there is hardly any growth if any at all. This reflects a pattern in their horns known as annuli, which can help determine the age of a Dall sheep.

Lao and Breezy are happily prancing around in their home.


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