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Denver Zoo’s Orangutan Dad Steps In The Role Of Mother For His Daughter


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Cerah, a baby 3-year-old Orangutan, was left alone after the sudden death of her mother. This incident lead the orangutan dad to step in the role of a mom.

Orangutan dad
(Image Source: Facebook /Denver Zoo)

This incident shows everyone a brighter side of life.

Cerah is the daughter of Berani, who is a 27-year-old Sumatran orangutan. The zoo authorities posted about the development of this father-daughter bond on Facebook. This post was made on 12th of April, 2021. Hence, the caretakers were really happy and proud to announce that Berani, the orangutan dad, is taking responsibility of his daughter. This was a ray of hope for the poor little Cerah.

Orangutan dad
(Image Source: Facebook /Denver Zoo)

The Zoo stated that this is an extremely rare situation in which a father has stepped in to take care of the offspring. Additionally, they said that the baby is really fortunate to have such a caring father.

Mr. mom, Berani, is doing an amazing job while raising his baby. He is doing everything in his capacity to provide for his daughter. Although, he cannot provide his young one with everything her mother could have. He’s trying his best to ensure that baby Cerah does not feel any longing for a mother.

According to the Zoo, Berani is really attentive towards her. He is her protector. Moreover, he also carries her around everywhere. He snuggles her in order to strengthen their bond.

Denver zoo
(Image Source: Facebook /Denver Zoo)

Other than her father, Cerah’s 11-year-old sister Hesty also seems to take care of her. Even though she herself is about to become a mother in a few months, she pays full attention to little Cerah.

Hesty, however, is not Berani’s biological daughter. But he has always cared for her as his own. It seems like he has an in-born motherly instinct in him. According to the zoo, Nias, the mother, was known as the “Queen Bee” in this orangutan exhibit. Also, she was a wonderful mate to Berani and a loving mother to Hesty and Cerah.

denver zoo
(Image Source: Facebook /Denver Zoo)

Thus, Mr. Mom is trying to fill in the emptiness caused by the sudden demise of Cerah’s mother and is certainly doing an amazing job!

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