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75 Animals Perished In The Noccalula Falls Petting Zoo Fire


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As the wildfire spread, many innocent animals lost their lives. The Noccalula Falls Park suffered “significant damage” due to the fire, and is closed until further notice. The barn caught fire early in the morning.

(Image Source: Noccalula Falls Park)

The Falls Park Supervisor Christina Richards said that roughly 75 animals have passed away during the fire. This happened as these animals were inside the barn. The perished animals comprised of tortoise, baby alligators, birds, 10 turtles, and 20 to 25 guinea pigs. The number is shocking.

These animals were said to be inside the main building, and this is the area which caught fire. The outdoor area of the petting zoo remained unharmed. It consisted of the grassy pasture and the outdoor enclosures.

Petting zoo fire
(Image Source: Noccalula Falls Park)

Animals from the outdoor enclosure were safe from the fire. The incident itself has left everyone in a state of shock and in a feeling of deep sorrow. It won’t be easy to get over it. The zoo has announced that it will remain closed till further notice.

In addition, the Gadsden Fire Chief Wil Reed said that a person was crossing by the park early morning. This is when they received a call from him about the outbreak. The fire department responded immediately and within a few minutes, they were at the location. But they could not prevent the loss. Furthermore, they could only save the animals outside the barn and put out the fire.

(Image Source: Noccalula Falls Park)

Hence what caused the fire is yet to be figured out. Till now, they have no idea what caused the fire. According to the report, there are no human injuries. Moreover, the guards on the night shift of the park were at the other side of the location at the time of incident.

The Noccalula falls park is located in Alabama, USA. The park itself is a city. It has different spots for visitors. It’s a full-time package. One cannot get enough of it. It does not only have Zoo but also camps, falls, mini-golf, trains, and much more.

noccalula falls
(Image Source: Noccalula Falls Park)

The Petting zoo started in the 2000s. Comprised of a small area with a handful of animals. After that, they started to increase the number of animals in their zoo.

We hope that the zoo gets over its damages and flourishes again!

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