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Bonobo Is Seen Having Fun With Grand Daughter At Cincinnati Zoo


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Bonobo grandmother is loving to spend quality time with her granddaughter. The Cincinnati Zoo posted a delightful video on its Facebook page. The sight is completely filled with unconditional love.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Cincinnati Zoo)

In the video, one can see Lana, the grandmother, playing with Amali, her granddaughter. This video is a treat for the eyes. 8-month-old Amali is showered kisses. Additionally, we can see their laughter in the video too.

Lana is a 40-year-old bonobo in the zoo. She is the oldest one in the females. She is the mom of Kesi who is one of the parents of Amali.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Cincinnati Zoo)

The video spread like wild fire. People loved watching them together. It became a smashing hit on the internet. Around 46 thousand people reacted to this video. In addition to this, the video is shared by 24 thousand times and 2.5 thousand people commented on it. This is massive.

The comment section is overflowing with love. When one said cuteness overloaded another one commented grandmother feels resemble human grandmother feelings.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Cincinnati Zoo)

Who knew these two will become celebrities overnight? Moreover, the fact that people are admiring them is absolutely amazing.

According to the Zoo, another word for bonobos is pygmy chimps. Comparatively, they are slightly smaller than the common chimpanzees. Nonetheless, they are also the closest living relative to humans. As they share 98% of the same DNA. Now that is a Wow. Their living style also matches with humans. Like humans they also live in groups, are highly intelligent also they can stand on their two feet.

Thus, it just makes us wonder how closely related they are to us.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Cincinnati Zoo)

The sad part is that World Wildlife has categorized them as endangered. Civil unrest and increasing poverty caused their poaching and deforestation which led to a serious decline in their kind. Observation for the last 30 years shows a major decline. They also have a lower reproductive rate.

Lastly, this video has melted our hearts!

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