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Folly Farm Welcomes Three Baby Humboldt Penguins


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The arrival of the three baby Humboldt penguins brings amazing news for the Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo. During the wave of coronavirus, the park & zoo have shut down thrice. The opening is in line with SOP’s ensuring the safety of the visitors, staff, and the animals of course.

Humboldt Penguins
(Image Source: Facebook/Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo)

Folly Farm is only allowing a specific number of people to visit at certain times. Slots for these visit also have a bracket. Subsequently, keeping the zoo from overcrowding. Additionally, parents are to ensure that their children follow the set guidelines.

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News about the reopening of the zoo comes alongside the arrival of 3 adorable penguin chicks. The three babies are named Paddington, Peru, and Marmalade. Aren’t these names the cutest?

Arrival of the chicks add to the zoos growing Humboldt Penguins population.

Furthermore, even though the penguins are happy residents of the zoo they won’t be on public display yet. They are currently living in their nest boxes where they are been taken care of by their parent’s. That’s exactly what the little penguin chicks need right now!

Baby Penguins
(Image Source: Facebook/Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo)

The Humboldt species of penguins come from South America. They live on sandy beaches and rocky coastlines. Usually, their life spam ranges from 20 to 25 years.

These creatures are on the brink of existence as they have a risk of becoming extinct. As a result, the birth of Paddington, Peru and Marmalade is an important one.

Humboldt penguins are a part of Folly Farm’s breeding program. This comes from their partnership with the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). Their ultimate aim is the reintroduction program. Similarly, other species who are a part of this effort include eastern black rhino, giraffes, two-toed sloths, etc.

Humboldt penguins
(Image Source: Facebook/Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo)

Threats to penguins include loss of habitat as for most species. Moreover, they are facing scarcity of food due to over-fishing. Lastly, climate change is a more real threat than ever!

We hope Folly Farm’s efforts become successful and the Humboldt penguins long waddle the earth.


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