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Brevard Zoo Is Proud To Welcome Baby Klipspringer Antelope


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It’s a moment of joy in Melbourne as they celebrate the birth of a Klipspringer calf. The Brevard Zoo in Florida announced the birth on the 15th of April, 2021.

(Image Source: Brevard Zoo)

The latest addition is born to a four-year-old mother named Deborah. Also, its father is a six-year-old klipspringer. Calf’s father’s name is Ajabu. This calf is the ninth, Klipspringer born in this zoo.

Moreover, the zoo has revealed the baby’s gender. It’s a jumping baby boy. How adorable is that? The male calf’s weight at the time of birth is 27.5 ounces. Additionally, the staff members are taking proper care of the mother and the calf.

(Image Source: Brevard Zoo)

Recently, both have received checkups by the veterinary doctors in the zoo. Both are said to be in normal condition. As yet no name is decided for the calf. It will be soon decided by the staff and will be revealed.

The calf is yet to make his debut in front of the public. For now, the mother and the baby are together alone in an enclosure. So, they may bond well, and importantly, the mother will nurse it’s newborn.

(Image Source: Brevard Zoo)

Klipspringers are in the rocky areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. They mostly weigh around 18 to 40 pounds as adults. Besides this, their females tend to give birth to one child in a year. The pregnancy period for the mother is seven months. In the wild, they keep their babies close and hidden to save them from eagles and hunters.

Thus, their food intake has a variety of veggies, herbs, seeds, and plants. They also love to eat sunflowers. Well, they can survive on any of these. They also tend to absorb water from their food intake. This helps them in keeping hydrated when they are out in the sun looking for food.

(Image Source: Brevard Zoo)

Lastly, this adorable tiny calf has got all attention to him!

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