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Scottish SPCA Rescues A Fox Cub From A Glue Trap


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A fox cub was caught lying in a glue trap in Edinburgh. He was rescued on the 10th of April by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Scottish SPCA). They believe that the cub is lucky to be alive.

Fox cub
(Image Source: Facebook/ Scottish SPCA)

The little cub was wailing in pain, attracting attention. A member of the locality located him and reported it to the Scottish SPCA.

Sticky, the fox, was lying in the adhesive all night. In addition to this, it took the rescuers hours to free him.

Subsequently, to get the adhesive out, the rescue team made a mixture of fairy liquid, vegetable oil, and soapy water. Despite that, they had to shave some of his fur.

Resultantly, the glue caused damage to Sticky fur and skin. Initially, the concerns consisted of whether the baby fox will survive. However, with time he started showing signs of improvement.

Currently, the cub is in the care of the Scottish SPCA’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Alloa and will stay there for the next few months.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Scottish SPCA)

Steve Gray, the wildlife manager, commented on the condition saying, “The prognosis for Sticky wasn’t good. The glue trap had seriously damaged his fur and skin. The team spent hours treating him on arrival and their efforts have really paid off. Now, he’s a happy, playful baby fox who is getting on well with the other cubs we’ve grouped him with.”

He added that they will release Sticky, the fox cub, into the wild where he will live a happy life.

Sticky the Fix Cub
(Image Source: Facebook/ Scottish SPCA)

In particular, the Scottish SPCA has used this incident to reassert their opposition to the use of glue traps. The purpose of such glue traps is to trap rodents or vermin.

In other words, the organization is a long-standing advocate for a ban on the use of glue traps.

Nonetheless, Sticky looks happier and healthier now. We hope he lives a full life in the wild


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