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Baby Snow Leopard To Be Cared For By Seneca Park Zoo Staff


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Seneca Park Zoo and Monroe County announced the birth of a snow leopard cub on Friday morning April 16, 2021. Timila, a four-year-old snow leopard, gave birth to a male cub.

Snow Leopard
(Image Source: Facebook/ Seneca Park Zoo)

Initially, it seemed like Timila was caring well for her cub. It is not often that zoo staff look over such young cubs. Nonetheless, after a little time, it became clear that animal care staff must intervene. Additionally, upon examination, it became known that the cub was hypothermic and dehydrated.

Thus, the findings suggest that the cub was in unhealthy conditions. Leading the zoo staff to take the responsibility of hand raising the cub.

(Image Source: Twitter/ Adam J. Bello)

Hand raising is a tedious process as cubs who are not given proper care at a young age are more prone to illness. Senna Park Zoo plans on raising a healthy snow leopard.

To further ensure that the cub is getting the best treatment, the zoo is working alongside the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Snow Leopard Species Survival Plan (SSP).

The cub weighted 336 grams and the zoo staff was able to stabilize the cub. Moreover, the zoo is providing care around the clock.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Seneca Park Zoo)

Monroe County’s executive tweets, “Our new snow leopard cub at the @SenecaParkZoo continues to make good progress. Dr. DiVincenti & his staff have stabilized the cub & he’s even put on a few grams of weight. Zoo staff will continue to monitor 24/7.”

While Timila’s behavior patterns are concerned, the zoo did not comment too greatly on it. This is Tamila’s second litter with a 10-year-old male, named Kaba. She had two pups in her first litter, from whom sadly only one cub survived.

Baby Snow Leopard
(Image Source: Twitter/ Adam J. Bello)

The baby snow leopard is 9 days old now and has grown slightly. However, he has an ongoing treatment for an upper respiratory infection. Nonetheless, the zoo staff is giving him the best care.

We hope the baby snow leopard has a healthy and happy life.


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