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Stray Cat Sneaks In A Zoo And Befriends A Lynx


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A stray kitten was simply roaming the streets at night in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was looking to avoid trouble and somehow ended up inside a zoo. It was at that time when she befriended a familiar large cat.

(Image Source: St. Peterburg’s Zoo)

This fellow feline friend of the kitten was none other than a lynx!

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The two cats have become best friends in the zoo and their friendship has been going strong since 2007. That is a remarkable fourteen years! The two had their fated encounter ever since they were kittens. This was recorded by National Kitty.

lynx and cat
(Image Source: St. Peterburg’s Zoo)

The kitten was named ‘Dusya’ by the zoo keepers and the name of the Lynx was Linda. Their unlikely friendship started making rounds on the internet and the zoo took full advantage of this. The pair rose to internet fame and attracted global attention which obviously benefited the zoo! The zoo soon started to document every moment so the whole world could bear witness.

They first separated the pair, only to find out the kitten would always find her way back to the lynx. Dusya pounced right back to Linda, leaving the zoo staff in complete shock! It was at this time the pair became partners in crime.

(Image Source: St. Peterburg’s Zoo)

Lynxes are the assassins of the forest. They choose to hunt at night and attack by ambushing their prey. Their mysterious nature has earned them the title ‘shadows of the forest.’ They are flawless hunters who make great use of their hearing. In fact, a lynx can hear prey as far as 250 feet away. However, this kitty cat does not feel alarmed by a natural-born predator!

What do you think of this unusual pair? We think they are just adorable. It’s as if the little kitten is Lynx’s sidekick. Who knows? Perhaps it is the other way around?


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