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Peggy, The Deaf Sheepdog, Learns Sign Language


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Peggy is a Border Collie sheepdog who was given up to the RSPCA when she lost her hearing. Her deafness has caused an inability to work on the farm.

(Image Source: Facebook/RSCPA)

A charity staff member, Chloe Shorten alongside her husband Jason, a shepherd adopted the good girl in 2018. The couple lives in Norfolk. She was 8 when she arrived at the Royal Society for the Preservation of Cruelty to Animals.

It became obvious to the couple that Peggy was keen to go back to herding. This led to the beginning of the training process which lasted a full 2 years.

Peggy and Chloe
(Image Source: Facebook/RSCPA)

They worked with Peggy and taught her how to get back to work using hand signals over voice commands.

The Border Collie is now 10 and is working part time with the couple’s two other dogs.

Mrs. Shorten told BBC that it was a time taking process. Moreover, it took Peggy time to “learn that we love her – and understand our praise”.

Peggy understands now that thumbs up mean good girl.

(Image Source: Facebook/RSCPA)

The happy doggo is officially retiring. Nonetheless, she does step out with Jason from time to time as she pleases. In addition to this, she does not back away from learning new things. While playing Peggy gets too excited and enthusiastic. This is why she has to wear a GPS tracker, so she doesn’t get lost.

The couple accepted Peggy for who she is. Leading her to enjoy her life and learning new tricks. Chloe said, “It’s amazing to see her with this new lease of life, and enjoying her life with us.”

(Image Source: Facebook/RSCPA)

The over-crowding of animal rescue centers has proven people keep pets as to their convenience. Whereas, the example of this Border Collie shows that with a little love and effort animals can surprise you and learn new ways.

Peggy now lives happily with Chloe and Jason in her forever home.


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