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Heartbroken Dog Waits for His Owner On A Bridge


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This poor heartbroken dog in Wuhan, China waits on the edge of the Yangtze Bridge every day. The dog tragically witnessed its owner pass away from suicide after jumping off the bridge.

(Image Source: YouTube)

The pooch still waits faithfully on the bridge, hoping that its owner will soon return. The heartbroken dog has already been through the trauma of enduring loss of life. Perhaps the reason why he patiently waits is because he is unaware of his owner’s fate.

The situation of the poor dog is truly a tear-jerking one. Many people commented that we do not deserve dogs or that the puppy’s soul is too pure for this world. The news drove many people on social media to tears.

(Image Source: YouTube)

Paws Planet reports that the dog followed his owner and saw him take his own life on 30th May 2020. The bridge officers had checked the CCTV camera footage and confirmed this heartbreaking sight.

Furthermore, Xu is a local resident of Wuhan. He had been closely watching the dog ever since. Xu shared this tragic news on social media and expressed his desire to adopt the dog. He wished to place the now heartbroken dog in his kind and loving care as his owner did. The dog refused food and water brought in by Xu. The dog got scared and ran away when Xu would try to pick him up.

(Image Source: YouTube)

Du Fan is the director of Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (Wuhan SAPA). As soon as he saw Xu’s post, he called for a search to locate the dog. Fan also urged everyone to share any useful information that might aid him and his volunteers in finding the dog.

Nobody knows what drove the dog’s owner to suicide, but we sure hope he is given a warm, loving home after he is found.


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