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Four-Month-Old Baby Gorilla Ready For His Debut At Bristol Zoo


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Western lowland baby gorilla was born in December just a few days before Christmas. It was time for joy in the Zoo. The gorilla will now be displayed as the Zoo is re-opening.

baby gorilla
(Image Source: Bristol Zoo)

The Bristol Zoo announced on their social media about the arrival of this new addition to the family.

This tiny being is born to mum Touni and dad named Jock. This infant is the second baby of Touni. She herself is a 13-year-old gorilla. Four months before, another baby was born to another gorilla in the zoo. The baby was given birth by a 10-year-old Kala. The zookeepers hand-reared this newborn. This was because the mother struggled to care for her infant.

The Zoo staff faced difficulty in declaring the gender of the baby as Touni kept its infant close. But later on, his gender was revealed. It is a baby boy.

baby gorilla
(Image Source: Bristol Zoo)

The Zoo spokesperson told the Daily Mail that the baby is in perfect condition. Also, it loves to play around with its elders.

The authorities announced the opening date of the Zoo after a major lockdown. There is a wave of excitement in the staff members of the Zoo.

During the lockdown, the animals of the zoo have kept their staff pretty much occupied. They had a lot on their plate to handle. They had to care for the infants born during the lockdown. Thus, it is a necessity for them to care and make sure they are healthy enough. Touni’s infant is to be named yet. In order to give him a name, the zookeepers are yet to cast their vote.

(Image Source: Bristol Zoo)

Moreover, the Bristol Zoo has an amazing conservation program. This program helps inbreeding of the animals. For 20 years, they have supported a sanctuary in Cameroon that takes care of the orphaned gorillas.

Last but not the least, this zoo is working hard in order to help in increasing the population of the gorillas.

(Image Source: Bristol Zoo)

Thus, for now the Zoo is all set for their debuts!

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