Four Gray Whales Mysteriously Washed Ashore In San Francisco

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Four gray whales were found decaying at the San Francisco Bay in the last nine days. This alarmed marine scientists with regard to the cause of their passing away. The reason for these cases is either a ship strike or starvation.

Grey Whale Carcass
(Image Source: Facebook/KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area)

The Krix CBS authorities reportedly found the whales along the San Francisco Bay. A whale kept appearing their every few days. This ended up in reporting 4 whales washing up in period of 9 days. This is an alarming factor for the species.

Gray whales surface near California twice every year. This occurs as they migrate in the winter off Mexico’s waters, where they mate near the Baja coast. In the spring and summer, they return back up North. Mainly to feed sardines, krill, and anchovies.

Carcass of a gray whale
(Image Source: Facebook/KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area)

13 whales found dead were washed ashore in 2019. Biologists claimed it was due to starvation. Other gray whales were also in poor conditions which further substantiates the claim. This lead to a declaration of an “unusual mortality event” by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Research shows that the main causes of death include: ship strikes, entanglement, and malnutrition.

Moreover, one of the four whales was a 41-foot adult female. Experts believe that she suffered from bruising and internal hemorrhaging.

Gray Whale
(Image Source: Facebook/KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area)

Currently, this species of whales is not deemed to be endangered. Nonetheless, it is declining quickly. According to NOAA, 1 in 4 gray whales have died since 2016.

Marine scientists believe that malnutrition might be a result of climate change. If the water temperature keeps rising, the ocean’s environment would become inhospitable.

One population’s suffering will always impact others as well. This will as a result impact the whole world.

Gray whales
(Image Source: Facebook/KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area)

Experts further believe that washed-up whales only represent 10% of the total. This means that the majority die and sink in the sea.

In order to provide a better environment for sea life, drastic steps must be taken. Otherwise, the whole ecosystem will face a setback. Gray whales are beautiful creatures and deserve a safe habitat.

Thus we hope the marine biologists are able to find a solution to end this.

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