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Two Southern White Rhinos Are Welcomed At Maryland Zoo


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Baltimore welcomes two Southern White rhinos. It is about time that they expand their family. These two males will add more spark to the zoo itself.

(Image Source: Maryland Zoo)

According to the Maryland Zoo, these White rhinos arrived in the Zoo in November. But they had to go through quarantine for 30 days. These rhinos came from a private facility. Association of Zoo and Aquariums accredited this facility. Also, the move was based on square-lipped rhino’s Species Survival Plan. The two rhinos are both 4-years-old.

Thus, both rhinos spent their winters in getting familiarized with the new environment. Also, they were learning to adapt to cold temperatures. In addition to this, they were familiarizing with the new staff. The zoo did not fully expose these species to the winter itself. This is because their body temperature is new to these.

(Image Source: Maryland Zoo)

According to the Zoo Conservation Manager, “These two young rhinos are very agile, intelligent animals.” Also, warmer weather will help in adapting to the new habitat. Moreover, other animals are not introduced to these Southern White rhinos yet. It will take a lot of time to slowly introduce other animals by bringing them to their habitat. This introduction will go on a daily basis.

This species is categorized as “near threatened” by IUCN. On contrary, in the 2000’s, the ratio of this species increased.

(Image Source: Maryland Zoo)

South Africa is where most of the Southern White rhinos are present. Moreover, they seem to live for 35 to 40 years in captivity. This species likes to stay in form of herds. Their males’ tent to protect the territory by using their horns and massive bodies.

Oddly rhinos love mud. They love to roll in it. It helps them to cool off and to avoid insects too. Who knew mud could be so helpful?

We are sure people will love these two!

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