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Miami Zoo Welcomes Two Baby Giraffes Born Days Apart


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It’s time for celebration at the Miami Zoo. The Zoo announced this good news on their website. The birth of the first giraffe took place on the 2nd and the second was born on the 5th of April, 2021.

Newborn giraffes
(Image Source: Zoo Miami)

The two newborn giraffes belong to the same father. However, they have different mothers. Both are doing well for now. It is the first time since birth that the newborn giraffes came on exhibit. Previously, the calves were inside in a holding area where they were bonding with the mothers.

First baby is born to mother Mia, who is a 14-yeasr-old giraffe, and father Malcolm who is four-years-old. This calf is Mia’s seventh baby. On the other hand, it is the first baby to Malcolm.

This unnamed male calf was checked by vets. It was to make sure that the calf is healthy and microchipped. He weighed around 181 pounds which is healthy for a baby giraffe.

(Image Source: Zoo Miami)

On the other hand, while this calf was making his debut, another female giraffe was going through labor. Zuri, a 6 ½-year-old giraffe, gave birth to a female baby giraffe. The calf also belongs to father Malcolm. Hence, making this his second calf. Whereas, this is Zuri’s second baby.

Vets examined the baby. According to the vets, the baby is all healthy. She is of whooping 109 pounds. If things go well, both mother and daughter duo will be available for their debut.

newborn giraffe and mama
(Image Source: Zoo Miami)

Giraffes are the tallest mammals on earth. These newborns will grow to have a tongue of 21 inches long. Thus, their height and long tongue helps them in eating from the top of the trees. In addition to this, female giraffes give birth to their calves while standing. It is rare that they sit and give birth. The baby goes through 6 feet fall at the time of its birth. Also, the infants can stand on their feet in one hour and start running after 10 hours of birth.

However, a decline is seen in their population. Therefore, they are categorized as “vulnerable” species.

newborn giraffes
(Image Source: Zoo Miami)

These newborn giraffes are bringing joy for everyone!

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