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Stray Dog Who Went Viral For Stealing Toy Unicorn Is Now Set For Adoption


A few day ago, a stray dog was reported to be stealing a toy unicorn from a North Carolina store. The animal control took him to a rescue shelter for training. Now, he finally has his favourite toy, and is waiting to be adopted.

Sisu the stray dog
(Image Source: Shannon Johnstone / Facebook)

Sisu, the cutest thief dog, was continuously trying to steal a purple toy unicorn from Dollar General in Kenansville. His repeated attempts annoyed the store owners. Hence, they called Animal Control on Sisu. The Duplin County Animal Control services arrived at the scene. Instead of punishing the stray dog for stealing, animal control officer Samantha Lana couldn’t help but buy Sisu his favourite $10 toy.

The authorities of the Animal control took this story to Facebook. On Monday, they posted pictures of him all as he was over his plush unicorn. This is when Sisu’s story went viral. The shelter named him after the dragon in Disney’s “Raya and the Last Dragon” movie.

Sisu and officer Lane
(Image Source: Shannon Johnstone / Facebook)

Joe Newburn, a supervisor at Duplin County Animal Services said that the dog hasn’t let the toy out of his sight. “It goes wherever he goes”, said Newburn. Additionally, she mentioned, “We’ve noticed as long as it stays by him, he’s good, but we do notice when the unicorn gets dirty, he won’t mess with it”. She said they have to wash it a bunch. Once they wash it, the dog would embrace it again.

stray dog with unicorn
(Image Source: Shannon Johnstone / Facebook)

Shannon Johnstone, a Raleigh photographer, documented Sisu’s affection for his purple plush toy. According to her, “I read a story about Sisu in the local newspaper and I emailed the shelter to see if I could come out and meet him and the officer who bought him the unicorn”.
This Labrador was getting training at the Lab Rescue LRCP to address his behavioural issues. According to Newburn, these issues arose most likely because of his time as a stray. The shelter plans to rehabilitate Sisu along the process of adoption.

Sissu and Shelter's Team
(Image Source: Shannon Johnstone / Facebook)

Labradors are affectionate animals and are ‘famously friendly’. According to AKC, they socialize well with neighbor dogs and humans equally. They do well feeding on good quality dog food.

This adorable lab is set for adoption. However, he will be placed with a suitable family once he finishes his training. It is when he will learn to behave with other dogs and cats.

We wish him and his favourite unicorn a happy companionship!


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