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Especially Designed Puppy Daycare Centre In South Korea Is Absolutely Amazing


Puppy Spring is a puppy daycare centre in South Korea. They have all the lavish facilities for dogs. Now, people don’t have the need to leave their dogs alone at home. All they need is to reserve a slot in this extraordinary place.

Puppy in daycare
(Image Source: Instagram/ Puppy Spring)

Puppy Spring told The Koala that they take puppies older than 12 weeks. This facility is available especially for those who are not able to look after their dogs during the day. In addition to this, they said that they specialize in giving care without parallels. This daycare centre has its own page on Instagram which has around 37.6K followers. This shows their credibility.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Puppy Spring)

Before deciding whether to keep the puppy in the daycare, a meeting is done. Prior to registration, the owners of the dogs are interviewed. This is to check their weight and health individually.

For each day, the centre has a different activity in plan. It can be either swimming, playing with the ball, playing with toys, and working on their sniffing skills. Lunch time, attendance, and nap time is fixed. Dogs follow their time schedule.

Puppy Spring daycare
(Image Source: Instagram/ Puppy Spring)

The employees get to rest when it’s nap time for the dogs. On contrary to this, they are not able to get over the beautiful sight. So, they start to take pictures of the doggos. Each dog is provided with a separate sleeping bed. How adorable it is.

In addition to this, the centre also celebrates their birthday. This is truly amazing. There, the dogs are treated like babies. Well, this daycare centre provides services for children as well. On the other hand, it is made sure that the dogs are not disturbed.

Dogs sleeping in daycare
(Image Source: Instagram/ Puppy Spring)

Dogs are very sensitive, loyal, and loveable mammals. They do not like to be separated from their owners. They need a lot of attention and care. But due to work, many owners have to leave their dogs alone. Thus, a daycare centre is necessary for dogs now.

It’s a dog rest day!


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