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Dog Steals Anchor’s Microphone And Runs During A Live Broadcast


In Moscow, this hilarious incident took place on the 2nd of April. Nadezhda Serezhkina, the news anchor, was giving a weather report on live tv when it happened. This Golden retriever appeared out of nowhere. He stole her mic and ran away with it.

(Image Source: Twitter)

As a result, the dog became the breaking news everywhere. Even the news reporter was in a state of shock. She definitely was not expecting that. It became the hottest news.

The video of this incident is posted originally by Ali Özkök’s Twitter. It is visible in the video how suddenly the dog jumps and grabs the mic. Also, then he makes a run for it making the reporter chase him.

(Image Source: Twitter)

This video got 404.7K likes and is retweeted 107.5K times on Twitter. In addition to this, 3.6K people commented on this. This is just a massive reaction.

Moreover, people on the internet and around the globe found the news hysterical. They are going crazy over it. Twitter is flooding with it. One of them commented, “Dog ends weather reports!”. While another one made a comment on the reporter, ‘Why was the reporter not laughing?’ Even a few questioned if reporters are not allowed to laugh.

Do ran away with microphone
(Image Source: Twitter)

In addition to this, another video surfaced. It stated, “they meet again”. How cute is that? According to the news, the news reporter was able to claim the mic back. On the other hand, it had few bites on it. Both the dog and the anchor ended things on sweeter terms by having a paw shake. How adorable it is.

Moreover, the Golden retrievers are very naughty and playful dogs. Also, they are very affectionate and are well aware of their surroundings. They are can be naughty and protective at the same time.

news anchor
(Image Source: Twitter)

Last but not the least, the Furriest thief steals the show!


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