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Firefighters And Wildlife Officials Rescue Two Owlets In Colorado


Firefighters and the Wildlife officials came in alliance for the rescue of two little owlets. This incident took place on April the 2nd in Colorado.

Firefighters Rescue Owlets
(Image Source: Twitter)

According to the Spring Colorado Firefighters and the Wildlife officials, one of the passersby contacted them in order to report the incident. The two owlets had fallen out of their nest.

The officials without wasting any time came to the rescue. The Spring Colorado firefighters exactly knew where the nest was. They gently picked up the owlets and took them to their nest with the help of the ladder. Lastly, they placed the owlets back in their nest. While they were doing this, the mother was not in the nest. She was watching from a distance.

Rescue Mission
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A video of the incident was made. That was tweeted by the officials on Twitter saying that ‘normally when the wildlife officials call in the firefighters it is usually to take the birds out of the tree’. But this time, “it was to put them back in the trees”.

Many of the news channels have reported this incident. Twitter is going crazy about this incident. It is serious and amusing at a similar time.

Firefighters and Wildlife officials rescue
(Image Source: Twitter)

The CSFD PIO took Twitter to tweet that “Hoo saved the baby owls…. Truck 9 did!!! Way to go truckies.”

These owlets belonged to great horned owl species.

These babies will stay in the nest till they are of 6 weeks. Also, by that time they will grow some muscles and also they will grow some features too. Once they are 6 weeks old they will be able to go to the branch. But after 7 weeks they will fly. Till that period parents do the hunting to feed these owlets.

Firefighters and Wildlife officials
(Image Source: twitter)

This species is known as “tiger owl” due to their aggressive hunting. They prey on snakes, hawks, rabbits and even skunks. In addition to this, their hunting activity starts in the night.

(Image Source: Twitter)

Luckily, they are now safe and secure!


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