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Enchanting Rainbow-Coloured Birds Leave Everyone In Awe


White-Browed Tit-Warbler is a bird adorned with rainbow colours. By looks, it is just so magnificent. It is a Passerine bird and belongs to the family of Aegithalidae.

rainbow bird
(Image Source: Imran Shah/ Birds of Gilgit-Baltistan)

These tiny, mesmerizing birds’ are maximum 3.9 inches in height. Additionally, they weigh only six to eight grams. We can imagine how small they are but at the same time so enchanting. This is because of the lively rainbow colours they have.

These birds carry a wide range of colours. Their colour palette includes shades of blue, purple, orange, yellow and red.

One can differentiate between its male and female counterpart. Males have blue-mauve undertones on them. Whereas, this is not found in females. They are duller in colour than males. But both males and females have light brown crowns and white coloured eyebrows.

white browed tit warbler
(Image Source: Instagram / Pradeep.Wildlens)

The Rainbow Birds are found in high and dry mountainous areas of Asia. They are spread through The Himalayas covering the Tibetan Plateau to Northwestern China. That’s not all. One can also find them in areas of the Tian Shan and Karakoram National Park. They are widespread in these areas and so, they make them shine through their beauty.

Breeding season of these birds starts from the month of April and goes on up to the month of July. Their breeding depends on the height of the nesting area. The higher the nesting area, the later they mate. They can lay up to four to six eggs.

According to Inaturalist, the duty to build the nest belongs to both genders. Their nest is dome-shaped and also is well insulated. This helps in keeping their eggs warm in these high-level altitudes. It is not easy to spot their nests as they are well-camouflaged. This adds to the height factor, making the hunting of the birds impossible.

Rainbow birds
(Image Source: Imran Shah/ Birds of Gilgit-Baltistan)

These birds feed on cold-season berries and fruits. While the only diet their babies feed on is insects.

A fall is observed in the population of these beautiful birds. Still, the reason for the downfall is unknown.

We hope these birds keep mesmerising us!


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