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Human Mothers Show Sympathy For Mama Bear Controlling Her Cubs


Mama bear was caught on a video crossing the Rowley Street. The video was made by a lady waiting in the traffic because of it. This was a hilarious sight. It resembled human mothers struggling with their kids.

Mama bear
(Image Source: youtube)

In the video, the mother is seen trying to cross the road with her 4 cubs. It seems really hard to cross the road. That too with four cubs. This was a nightmare for this mama bear. The third and fourth cubs were the naughtiest ones. They gave mama bear a tough time. It was not easy to take them together. They surely made her go back and forth on the road.

On the other hand, applause for the people in the traffic at that moment. They showed great amount of patience while this mama bear was in a chaotic situation.

mama bear
(Image Source: youtube)

One lady stuck in the traffic made a four-minute-long video of this mama bear. In addition to this, she posted it online. The video became a viral sensation.

The Winchester Police department also posted a video saying “Cautious Bear Crossing“ on Facebook. In that post, they thanked the people in the traffic. Also, they warned people by saying that “the weather is getting nicer and the wildlife is coming out to play!”.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Winchester Police Department)

Likewise, every news channel has been reposting this video. Mama bear and the cubs became celebrities overnight. The video got 3.4k likes on Facebook with 8.3K people sharing it as well. Moreover, people’s response to this video is absolutely amazing.

Thus, the funniest part is that human mothers are relating to this bear mom. One of the moms commented relating to this mom and agreeing that how difficult it is to travel with kids. Also, a few of them sympathized with her by calling her, “poor mom”. Like they were feeling for the mom.

(Image Source: Facebook/ Winchester Police Department)

Lastly, the weather is getting warmer thus the wildlife will roam around. Be careful and don’t try to interact with them!


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