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Potato – The Cat Who Lost Ears Finds Best Friend And Forever Home


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This unfortunate cat lost his ears to a disease. Potato is a lucky cat as he found a family who adored him and cherished him along with his bestfriend, Horlick.

Earless cat
(Image Source: Instagram/ no_ear_Meow_Potato)

Carl, Potato’s owner, told The Koala that he is ‘a cat full of love and emotions’. Potato became a social-media celebrity after his human started posting his story on Instagram.

At the time of fostering, the owners were notified about Potato’s health. His diagnosis was Adenoma. Potato used to scratch his ears in discomfort. This indicated that his illness was worsening and there was a risk of Adenoma being cancerous.

(Image Source: Instagram/ no_ear_Meow_Potato)

Potato had to go through surgery. In order to save him, his ear canals were removed. He was kept at the clinic for 3 days in order to make sure that he is healthy and is fine.

The good news is that the disease won’t be coming back.

Potato Cat
(Image Source: Instagram/ no_ear_Meow_Potato)

After his return, the humans took good care of him and were very vigilant. They made sure if Potato was well fed and was given medicines on time. Luckily, this was the end of bad times for Potato. After this, his foster humans adopted him.

According to his owner, Potato loves to play around with his toys. However, he has another brother cat, Horlick who prefers not to play. Moreover, Horlick and Potato knew each other since before their adoption. The bond they have is just priceless.

Potato and Horlick
(Image Source: Instagram/ no_ear_Meow_Potato)

An aged kind lady, Choi, found these stray cats on the streets. She brought them in and fed them. Sadly, she was almost 90 and she soon passed away. Her death left the 7 cats homeless. Subsequently, cat shelter in China saved them.

According to Carl, this was his first time keeping a cat. He went to the shelter where they saw Horlick and decided to adopt him.

Potato and Horlick
(Image Source: Instagram/ no_ear_Meow_Potato)

After eight months of having Horlick, Carl decides to bring him a sibling. Meanwhile, Potato was still waiting at the shelter for adoption. Consequently, Carl chose to foster Potato.

When they brought Potato home, they were nervous if Horlick will accept him or not. However, after a few sniffs and no hisses, they let Potato out of the cage. Soon both of them were comfortable with each other.

Now, the bond both have is very special. As a result of this bond, they love being around each other.

Potato and Horlick
(Image Source: Instagram/ no_ear_Meow_Potato)

All is well that ends well. Now, both of them will be together and have a forever home!

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