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Oklahoma City Zoo Welcomes Three Endangered Chinese Alligator Babies


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For the first time ever, Oklahoma City Zoo is home to three critically endangered Chinese Alligator babies. The Zoo proudly announced the arrival of the six-month-old reptile babies.

Chinese Alligators
(Image Source: Rae Karpinski, OKC Zoo )

The three gators were born in September 2020 at Sedgewick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas. Chinese locals refer to this species as Yow-lung which means “dragon”.

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Furthermore, their arrival marks the first time this species has become part of OKC Zoo. They are trying to preserve this species and helping their survival.

According to their Press Release, “With only 120 individual Chinese alligators left in the wild, the Zoo joins its Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) partners to preserve the species as part of the Chinese Alligator Species Survival Plan® (SSP) and reintroduction program.”

Chinese Alligator
(Image Source: Rae Karpinski, OKC Zoo )

The Zoo’s Assistant Curator of Herpetology Seamus Ehrhard states, “We’re proud to commit to this collaborative conservation effort and do our part to help revitalize the declining population of Chinese alligators in their native habitat.

Further adding, “By participating in this SSP program, we have the opportunity to make a powerful impact on Chinese alligator conservation, while raising public awareness for this lesser-known crocodilian species.”

(Image Source: Rae Karpinski, OKC Zoo )

Moreover, Chinese Alligators differ from American alligators in a few ways. Chinese Alligators are smaller in size. Their head is stronger and also the nose is more snubbed. They also weigh lesser and they tend to have a very calm nature.

Additionally, the Chinese Alligators are critically endangered. This is why the Zoo has taken it upon itself to take care of the hatchlings. This place promises to provide them with a safe space. Also, it would be a healthy environment to reproduce and thrive.

Chinese Alligator babies
(Image Source: Sabrina Heise, OKC Zoo )

These young Chinese Alligator babies are now open for people to see in the Oklahoma City Zoo.

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