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Men Feeding Birds Gets A Surprise From A Sea Lion On Their Boat


A man was busy feeding a flock of birds on his boat when suddenly a large sea lion surprised him! The surprise visitor climbed aboard the boat to the groups’ amusement.

(Source: Tom Boadle/ Twitter)

A video of the incident started circulating on Twitter and went viral! The clip showed a group of people feeding a couple of pacific brown pelicans. The pelicans were flying right above the boat and enjoying the free fish being handed out.

(Source: Tom Boadle / Twitter)

Journalist Tom Boadle posted the incredible video on Twitter and it has since received over 10 million views. The birds were delighted to be getting the free food, but soon, there would be another hungry visitor.

The video was captioned “An absolutely outstanding performance. Worth watching to the end”.

sea lion
(Source: Tom Boadle/Twitter)

A huge Sea Lion suddenly appeared out of the ocean and wanted to join the party. It was swimming at an incredible speed which left the men on the boat speechless.

However, what happened next was not something anyone could have predicted. After spotting the source of the food, the Sea Lion jumped on board. It pulled its entire body and balanced itself on the edge of the boat!

Initially, the Sea Lion rested its head on the edge of the boat. The men gave the creature a couple of fish which made it greedy for more.

But the creature decided to take matters into its own flippers. The large mammal plunged its head in the container full of fish and began munching without restraint.

sea lion
(Source: Tom Boadle /Twitter)

The pesky visitor did not stop until it had eaten all the fish! The men on board could only watch as their entire stock was finished in a matter of seconds.

No one could have seen that coming. The poor birds eventually flew away disappointed and looked for lunch elsewhere!


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