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Pianist Plays Classical Music For Blind Elephants, And They Love It


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Classical pianist, Paul Barton, has made many big friends, including blind elephants. He often plays his piano in an elephant sanctuary for the animals and they can’t get enough!

elephants world
(Source: Facebook / Paul Barton)

One of the blind elephants is called Lam Duan. The 62-year old female elephant has been blind most of her life. She spends her days at Elephants World, an animal protection organization based in Thailand.

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Barton initially got the idea while filming a video for his YouTube channel. He found out about the sanctuary that takes care of old elephants and decided to pay a visit. He asked the sanctuary if they could arrange a piano for him to which they had no objections.

Blind Elephants
(Source: Facebook / Paul Barton)

In his video with Lam Duan, Paul can be seen taking a stroll with the blind elephant before he begins to speak. The pianist begins to serenade the elephant with his piano and Lam can be seen swaying to the gentle sound of the piano.

The caption on the video reads, “Lam Duan is the name of an old blind elephant, her name means “Tree with Yellow Flowers”. Lam Duan has been blind most of her life.”

classical pianist
(Source: Youtube / Paul Barton)

The musician’s videos have gained a lot of traction since the video was uploaded, racking over 4 million views.

Moreover, Lam Duan isn’t the only blind elephant that loves to stand beside Barton as he plays the piano. An 84-year-old elephant called Nong Mai is another fan of Bartons.

Blind Elephants
(Source: YouTube / Paul Barton)

Nong Mai didn’t particularly like people very much. Her trainer told Barton that she might even swing her trunk if she heard the music. But that’s not what happened. Nong Mai stood calmly beside the musician as he played his wonderful melody.

You can follow Paul and take a look at his companions on his YouTube channel and also on his Facebook page.


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